6 to 18 years

The standard tour takes approximately 2 hours and goes through stations that show the work done by the Jambatu Center to save the frogs of Ecuador.

Diversity: A sample of Ecuador’s frog diversity, one of the largest frogs in the world, a transparent frog, poison dart frogs, and more. They will learn about their life cycles and what each species needs to live. The food we prepare for them and how insects are also an alternative to human food.

Biotechnology: Technology ensures species’ survival, they will learn about amphibian breeding laboratories and how species reproduce.

Science: Our work is backed by science, we have the largest amphibian biobank in the Americas. What is being conserved and what is being studied to save frogs? During the tour, you will learn about our research and projects to save frogs.

Conservation: Conservation is a broad topic that encompasses the protection and restoration of ecosystems, as well as individual and collective actions to combat global warming and climate change, and to prevent species extinctions. This includes policy measures for environmental protection and opposition to destructive practices such as mining. Wikiri Sapoparque exemplifies a sustainable conservation project in action.

Bioeconomy: Conservation cannot be sustainable without adequate financing. Our sustainable bio economy model supports conservation and research projects while fighting against gray biotrade and illegal species trafficking, which represent a serious threat to biodiversity.
All this is experienced playfully, the tour is an experience that will make them fall in love with frogs.

We also make specialized tours that fit your planning requirements and have activities related to your subjects, such as art, gastronomy, social and natural sciences, among others.

Admission is free for teachers or accompanying members of the group.


$ 10.00

Ticket price for groups under 50 students


$ 9.00

Ticket price for groups of 50 to 100 students


$ 8.00

Ticket price for groups of 100 to 200 students


$ 7.00

Ticket price for groups of 200 students or more

To apply for the discount we take into account all the students from your institution who visit us during the school year, the visits can be of several courses on different dates. Write us to coordinate your visit.

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