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Reflect on what you learned at Wikiri Sapoparque and take action. Change is today!


Learn about the habitat of frogs and toads, which for some species are their only habitat. With your visit you support the communities to continue protecting these ecosystems.

Ecotourism in Chinambí

Immerse yourself in the delicious rivers and fords in Chinambí and San Jacinto, hikes to waterfalls and amphibian sightings, located in the community of San Jacinto, parish of Jijón y Caamaño, canton Mira, province of Carchi.

Information -> Asociación Dulce Corazón de Selva, Phone: +593 98 092 4249

Ecotourism in Junín

Hiking through trails in the forest, visiting waterfalls, bird watching, amphibian watching, and more. Located in the Junín Community Reserve, Intag Valley, rural parish of García Moreno, Cotacachi canton, Imbabura Province.

Insect kit for
of flex foam

Reducing plastic consumption and waste production is the solution. But tenebriums can be an alternative to break down plastics we already have at home.

Did you know that 500 tenebriums can break down one gram of plastic every week?

Act now!


Products based on cricket flour

Did you know that the future of human food will be based on insects? The protein obtained from different insects is ecologically more efficient than that obtained from cows and pigs.

Quito Garden Guide

We live in the most megadiverse country on the planet, living with the species is our obligation, the gardens of your home can become the refuge that frogs need to survive.

Download the guide with basic and useful tips and knowledge on how to build a habitat that provides food and shelter for frogs and toads in our home gardens.

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