Ecuador is the world amphibian champion

It has more than 650 recorded species, which represents 8% of the world’s diversity.

More than 50% are in threat categories so your action is needed now.
Wikiri Sapoparque helps to finance conservation and research projects carried out by the Jambatu Center.

Don’t let time go, act now!

Our projects

Guarding the Guardian Marsupial Frog

The name Gastrotheca orophylax is derived from the Greek oros that means mountain and phylax meaning guard or watchman.

Repopulating the Quebrada de Napinaza with its amazing harlequin frogs

Atelopus aff. spumarius is an undescribed species of harlequin frog. In Shuar, it is known as Wampucrum, which means "extremely poisonous colorful frog."

Jambatu Research Center
and Amphibian Conservation

Your contribution is a concrete action for its conservation.

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