Wikiri Sapoparque shows the different opportunities offered by a megadiverse Ecuador and the challenges, responsibilities and dilemmas involved in its development, which should be studied in the Academy from different perspectives.

University professors face the challenge of training professionals with an integral perspective and capable of finding solutions for the diverse realities of a megadiverse Ecuador. At Wikiri Sapoparque we approach this challenge from a transdisciplinary perspective, promoting the understanding and discussion of the needs of our country.

Wikiri Sapoparque combines and materializes several concepts from different areas of knowledge. During the visit, we will see applied examples of the theories and reflections that are addressed in the university classroom.

We adjust to your planning needs and provide you with a space for a closing activity or reflection on what you have learned during the visit.

Admission is free for teachers or accompanying members of the group.


$ 10.00

Ticket price for groups under 50 students


$ 9.00

Ticket price for groups of 50 to 100 students


$ 8.00

Ticket price for groups of 100 to 200 students


$ 7.00

Ticket price for groups of 200 students or more

To apply for the discount we take into account all the students from your institution who visit us during the semester, the visits can be from several faculties on different dates. Write us to coordinate your visit.

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